the great cookie mine

14 06 2011


The plan was set “work on the north east side were looking for the good stuff”

“Sir he has struck chocolate, I repeat we have stuck pure hard tasty chocolate on the east mountain!”

Have you guessed it? This is the blog on the grand cookie mine, using the right tools and in the right land with the ultimate goal to be the most sucsessful miner :)!


The ATC’s

12 06 2011

All the ATC’s were awesome but of course I thought that mine were the best obviously┬ábecause they were mine! My main theme for my ATC’s were angry birds and down below is funny video of them! I also had some Mario based cards that were pretty good too! (There’s a video of Mario down below so check it out!) ┬áI traded with a lot of people but kept some of my most awesome cards ever, so awesome I couldn’t trade them!



Poll of the Day

10 06 2011


9 06 2011

Hi Eric here.

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May Fair

9 06 2011

The May Fair everybody looks forward to it. This year it was amazing. The Grade ones wore cowboy clothes and it was great other than a little rain. There was everything including a pie eating contest(Which I won easily)

Potato Head

9 06 2011

Potato Heads were awesome. The potato heads were from toads to ninjas to hockey players to monsters. We took about 4 weeks to make the potato heads, 2-3 weeks to paint it, and 1 week to spray the potato heads to make it shine in glory! Some of the potato heads broke of some parts, so sad, but luckily Mr.Bepple knew how to fix them. Sorry, but we should have bragging rights for this because the potato heads are pure awesome.

BC Elementary track+field

9 06 2011

It’s the end of the school day for me, but not the end of the huge days ahead of me. The BC elementary ┬átrack+field is coming. My first day included 3 events. Long jump, 60m hurdles and the 1000m. And I got 8th, 13th, and 3rd. On saturday I had a lot of important events that I had to do including the relay which we qualified for, to get to the finals which is the next day. On sunday the last day we did the finals for the relay and we came 3rd. I also had high jump which I didn’t do very well in. I also had the medley relay which we came 2nd in only by 1 second. Overall we won the boys and the overall result hasn’t come out yet.In total I got 3 medals and 7 ribbons. Not a bad day at the park after all.